It Can’t Just Be About You

It can't just be about you.  This is something I learnt and continue to experience further dimensions of. We are social beings and regardless of our selfish human natures, we gain more purpose and fulfillment when we go against that self-centered nature, radiating our purpose and reach outwards to our families, friends, communities, nations, continents... Continue Reading →


The Know Yourself Sequels: Wrap-Up

How do multipotentialites manage to keep up with everything? The last two posts gave suggestions of how to manage various interests and activities and thrive. From speaking to some multipotentialites, one thing is very apparent – you can’t do it without a schedule. You can’t get very far without scheduling your different activities. We need... Continue Reading →


“There's an entrepreneur thinking of giving in or giving up to the pressure around them... Let's keep them in the ring. What do you do to stay motivated in hard times?” The above was a facebook post by Mr. Amadou Chico Cissoko, a seasoned Innovation, Strategy & Entrepreneurship coach, trainer, speaker and writer, among other... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Failure

I was afraid to fail but was moved and compelled by the “what if” question. I did not want to get to my fifties and ask myself: what if I had taken a chance in my twenties to start a business? What if I had let go of my fears to do something different? What... Continue Reading →

001 Snippets of Wisdom

Hello 🙂 , I hope you’ve been keeping well. I’d like to share a few snippets of wisdom with you, from a “katogo” of places. I hope you like these as much as I do. “Know your intention...Keep your intention no matter what comes your way.” -Tyler Perry at Tuskegee University during his commencement speech.... Continue Reading →

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